Five times IndiGo made news recently,know here

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Five times IndiGo made news recently,know here

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India’s biggest airline by market share IndiGo, often grabs headlines for its attractive low cost offers. However, of late, the company has been in the news of late for a different set of reasons. Just yesterday, fourteen passengers who had boarding passes for an IndiGo Goa-Hyderabad flight were left behind at Goa airport. The stranded passengers alleged that the flight departed earlier than its scheduled time without making any announcement. According to a report in the Times of India, an IndiGo spokesperson countered their claims, saying that the airline made several announcements calling the passengers to report at the gate.  The flight’s scheduled time of arrival in Hyderabad was 12.05 am, but it landed at 11.40 pm. An Indigo spokesperson told the Times of India that the passengers were declared “gate no-show”.

“They (staff) had called them on the phone number provided by the passengers, but it turned out to be that of their travel agent, Thomas Cook, who refused to give us their phone numbers but promised that they will inform the passengers,” the newspaper reported IndiGo spokesperson as saying. We take a look at four other instances where the airlines made news for similar reasons.

Passenger put on wrong flight

Just last week, in a major security gaffe by IndiGo security staff, a passenger who had the airline’s ticket and boarding pass for an Indore-bound flight was made to board a wrong flight that took him to Nagpur airport, on January-14. The passenger was later sent to his destination. Accepting the incident that took place, IndiGo, in a statement, said last week: “The passenger was scheduled to travel to Indore on IndiGo airline’s flight 6E 656. At the time of check-in, he was given a boarding pass for the same flight. However, he boarded the aircraft which was bound for Nagpur and no one from the airline noticed this goof-up.”

IndiGo staff beat up passenger

In a shocker, IndiGo ground staff manhandled and dragged a passenger at Delhi Airport on October 15 after a major altercation. Interestingly,  an airline employee who acted as a whistleblower, and shot a video of this violence was reportedly sacked by the airline. After alighting from the Airbus A-320, a passenger Rajiv Katiyal got into an argument with some ground staffers over some issue and he allegedly abused them. When Katyal tried to board the bus, the Indigo staff pushed him back and stopped him from entering the bus. When Katyal protested, he was dragged and manhandled.

IndiGo bus catches fire at Chennai airport

A passenger bus of IndiGo Airlines caught fire in Chennai airport on December 29, 2017. The bus caught fire after dropping passengers on the tarmac. The incident happened when the bus was returning to the terminal after dropping 38 Delhi-bound passengers. Fortunately, no injuries were reported.

Fuel leakage leads to flight cancellation

In December-17, an Indigo Airlines flight bound to Thiruvananthapuram was cancelled after the plane suffered a massive fuel leak while waiting to take off at New Delhi Indira Gandhi Airport. According to reports, some 173 passengers were onboard when the incident took place. All the passengers were made to disembark after the flight attendants found a leak just before the take-off.

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